About Me


Gavin Brown is a filmmaker based in Portland, OR who specialized in stop motion camera, lighting, and motion control programming. With over seven years of experience in stop motion camera and lighting and a decade in film production, Gavin has developed the cinematography skills for bigger and better projects.

Gavin was born and raised on the Oregon Coast and graduated from Pacific University with a B.F.A. in Film and Video Production. After university, his skills and calm demeanor has allowed him to work with such companies as the Portland Trail Blazers, Laika, Zillow, and Trolli to name a few. He recently finished up work on Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio as the Lead Assistant Camera. His role in this production included everything from purchasing camera gear, planning stage protocols, and training new camera team members. Throughout the film, Gavin was able to finesse his camera assisting and motion control skills and was offered the chance to light test units and later a few shots for the film. This has pushed Gavin into wanting to do lighting/camera work for stop-motion.

He also does live action video production as an assistant camera and Director of Photography (DP) and has DP’d several short films as well. He loves creative problem solving and trying to figure out how to help the team succeed.

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