Porkchopped (In Production)
Director of Photography

Synopsis: Two pigs learn to live together.
Directed by: Molly Light

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The Christmas Visitor (2020)
Director of Photography

Synopsis: A nightmarish creature stalks a naughty child on Christmas Eve.
Directed by: Hasani Wallker

Willow and the Wolves (Live Action - Festival Circuit)
Director of Photography

Synopsis: Secluded from the outside world, a mourning mother must outwit a delusional cultist in order to protect an innocent woman and her unborn child.

Directed by: Michael Cain

Coffee and a Bagel (2014)
Director, Writer, Animator

Synopsis: A senior citizen, Gilbert, is recently widowed and decides to use a a modern online dating website to try and meet friends again. This presents him with results he was not expecting.